Gin & Fizz is run by Ian and Tracy and opened for business March 2017. We are trying to establish a bar that serves most drinks you might want, while specializing in our gin menu. We now have over 120 Gins, ranging from 20% to 60% volume of Alcohol, from all over the world. A lot of Gins have to be imported as they are not available in Spain, so occasionally we may not have the Gin in stock, as it takes 8 days for our overseas deliveries. We do apologise when this happens and will recommend a very good substitute.


All our gins - with the exception of House Pours - are 70ml servings, thus enabling us to to offer a wide range of different priced gins at consistent prices. The correct ratio for gin to be served is three parts tonic  to one part gin, so all tonics are 200ml.


We plan on adding new gins each month, while removing some of the gins that are not requested so often. We would appreciate your help on developing this menu, simply by telling us your favourite gins. We will then endeavour to obtain and offer them on our menu.


We offer Schweppes and Nordic Mist as our complimentary tonics, but also have an extensive tonic menu that we would also like to develop. Please let us know your favourites.


In our menu every gin offers a garnish recommendation, this has been compiled through a lot of investigative work, to try and offer the best options and some unusual garnishes that also work well. These are only suggestions, please feel free to request your own choices on how you enjoy your Gin & Tonic


We appreciate your custom and hope you will enjoy our bar and your gin experience.